Latest Custom Wrought Iron Doors

We thought it would be fun to take a moment to show off some of our most recent iron doors.  We love working with our customers to come up with one of a kind entryways.  Each one is unique and beautiful and makes a statement about the homeowners individual style.

These homeowners chose an arch top for their double entry door.


The two lanterns that flank this single iron door really compliment the geometric designs that the homeowners incorporated into their iron scroll work.


Who said single entry doors can’t also be showstoppers?  These customers wanted to incorporate a more modern feel into their scroll work and we love how the finished product turned out.


This iron door is a great compromise for people who would like an arch top door, but have a straight top frame.


These homeowners wanted an iron door full of intricate wrought iron details, so we worked together with them to come up with this gorgeous entryway.


These homeowners chose Flemish glass to serve as the backdrop for their wrought iron scroll work.


This single entry door has a more contemporary feel with it’s straight lines crisscross pattern.  We think this door would also look great as a wine cellar door.


These homeowners chose a matching arch top transom for their iron door, which is beautiful AND functional, as it serves to let more natural light into the entryway.


And lastly, here is another magnificent arch top, double entry door.  Doors like this are sure to turn heads, and send your curb appeal rating sky high!


To request a quote on any of the doors you see here please visit our website at or give us a call at 251-767-0013.


Functional Work of Art

Even wonder what it takes to install one of our massive, wrought iron doors?  How about two massive, wrought iron, doors with sidelights and a transom?  We snapped a few photos during a recent install so our customers could appreciate the sheer man- and machine!- power it takes to get these gorgeous entry doors installed properly.

Out with the old, and ready for the new!


Our installer, Alex, preps the opening for the new door.


If you think these doors are heavy, you would be right.  It takes three men to slide in the frame and sidelights.



Time for the big guns!  The transom gets lifted into place with the help of a forklift.




Next step is to put in the massive double doors.  (unfortunately we didn’t get a pic of that step.)  Then just a few more hours of man power and “wallah”!


You may call it a front door, but we call it a functional work of art.  Contact us to start designing your own custom iron door today!

From “Blah” to “Voila!”

It’s amazing what a huge change a nice door can do for the curb appeal for a home.  The right door can truly take a home’s exterior from “blah” to “voila!”  These homeowners traded in their outdated, leaded glass wood door with sidelights and transom for one spectacular, arch top, iron door.  By replacing their front entryway, they not only updated their home’s style and charm, but  they increased it’s value as well!  At Doors by Design, we’d call that a win/win!