Custom Wrought Iron Transom Install

Doors by Design recently installed this custom, wrought iron door in a beautiful new construction home.  Getting the door in was the easy part.  Here’s another inside look at the manpower it takes to get the heavy, iron transom in place.


Doors installed!  That was the easy part.


Time to rig up some scaffolding.


It takes four men to haul the transom up the scaffolding and set it in place.


And walla!  There are still steps that need to be completed before this installation is complete (glass, trim, seal) but the hardest part is done.


It seems that the more complicated the install, the more beautiful the pay off, and this custom iron door was no exception.


**Doors by Design sells custom wrought iron doors and wood doors.  We also have stock iron doors and stock wood doors available as a budget friendly option.  Contact us today and we’ll help you find the perfect entry door for your home!


About doorsbydesign
Doors by Design provides elegant wrought iron and custom hardwood entryways to compliment your home. With more than 35 years providing beautiful craftsmanship and quality entryways, we take pride assisting you in choosing the door that matches a style and elegance you can call your own. At Doors by Design, our attention to service and detail ensures that you have a positive experience from order to installation. To see our designs or to request a quote please visit the Doors by Design website or stop by our showroom in Daphne, AL . Be the first to hear about our special offers and promotions by following us on Twitter and "liking" us on Facebook! Official Website: Twitter: Facebook: Pinterest:

2 Responses to Custom Wrought Iron Transom Install

  1. Daisy says:

    I have a simple wrought iron door. Could I make it into an outdoor table? And if so do you have any idea on how. Thank you!

    • Hi Daisy! It is definitely possible for you to make your iron door into an outdoor table. However, it’d be difficult for us to give you any tips without seeing the door, so we can see how it is constructed/designed etc. If you would like to send us a pic of the door in an email we would be happy to take a look and let you know if we have any tips.

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