Ten Unique Home Decor Uses for Salvaged or Vintage Doors

We love Pinterest!  Where else can you find so many cool ideas in one place? We also love old doors, so we started a board which displays some creative and eye catching ways you can incorporate old doors into your home decor or re-purpose them into something entirely new.  Here are a few ideas from our board titled Door Decor:


This DIY door shelf tutorial is a winner! After giving the front of you house a “face lift” with a new entry door, use the old one to make this striking decor piece!


Here’s another DIY door bookcase idea. This one would work great with old wood or glass panel doors.


Might be our favorite “salvage door turned furniture” piece yet! Loving the color, the bench, the shelf… everything! What a genius way to turn vintage doors into functional “art” for your entryway!


Add some chalkboard paint to a salvaged door, and create this unique and chic organizational decor!


Here’s a new take on an old door. Introduce some character to your home by switching out an existing interior door with a vintage replacement.


There is nothing better than a good DIY home decor tutorial, and this one sits at the top of our list. DIY couch out of old doors?? Yes, please.


This combo of purple walls and vintage door headboards is a match made in design heaven.


Use an old door to make a unique outdoor table.  Just slap some paint on your door, and pick up these cool table legs at Ikea!  Love the contrast of muted aqua and bold red!


Hang some old shelves on a door and add some crown molding and paint and you have a charming hidden doorway!  Perfect for fun loving grandparents and helpless romantics.


And last but not least, BHG has a fantastic DIY article about how to turn an old screen door into a pot rack holder! It’s absolutely adorable and can be done in a cinch!

Happy Designing!

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Functional Work of Art

Even wonder what it takes to install one of our massive, wrought iron doors?  How about two massive, wrought iron, doors with sidelights and a transom?  We snapped a few photos during a recent install so our customers could appreciate the sheer man- and machine!- power it takes to get these gorgeous entry doors installed properly.

Out with the old, and ready for the new!


Our installer, Alex, preps the opening for the new door.


If you think these doors are heavy, you would be right.  It takes three men to slide in the frame and sidelights.



Time for the big guns!  The transom gets lifted into place with the help of a forklift.




Next step is to put in the massive double doors.  (unfortunately we didn’t get a pic of that step.)  Then just a few more hours of man power and “wallah”!


You may call it a front door, but we call it a functional work of art.  Contact us to start designing your own custom iron door today!

Doors by Design’s Iron and Wood Doors

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